Zéh Palito

Zéh Palito is an artist who has exchanged the ruins of castles from childhood dreams, for the broken walls in streets and urban non-spaces.

He travels across continents through cities, to remote villages, in all weathers to bring his art to the people and to bring people together.
As a contemporary version of the `old bard`, he has his-story, in a message, on a paint-mission. A vision colored by the fables of many nations, from many ages.

Zéh Palito shares his new visual mythology, in huge two dimensional artworks. Created in a combination of linear abstract form, fantasy creatures, people and religious iconography, brought to life with a generous handful of fairy tale magic- his talent.

Through these murals he issues an invitation, to step into another world. A place of universal equality that exists parallel to the subjugation of the subordinate by the privileged. Where clichés of beast and beauty actually converge in a global exaltation for unity and peace. (My favorite example of this is the traditionally delicate, white and virginal unicorn, which is now oil slick black, with a turgid belly and sales mans inviting toothy smile). There is an element of darkness in every fairy tale, and in all carnival and cartoon gaiety there is the condemnation of those who persist in warmongering.

Zéh Palito expresses these concepts without the techno-dystopic imagery present in so much street art. Tension is cleverly created through a color palette of opposites. Ice cream pastels mixed with white, play against the illusion of deep liquid black. His painting uses colors and forms that are equally at odds, and at play with each other.

Zéh`s painting is as contagious as his smile. His fiesta is free for all to enjoy. Given without the constraints of gallery walls, no establishment rules and no admission fee.

Just peace, love and unity…

Louise Bird. (Arts Council of Wales Research and Development Grant.)

Collective Exhibition

2006-“Mostra de Artes Visuais -O Moderno e o Contemporâneo”- Centro Cultural Palacety Levy - Limeira-SP-Brazil
2007-“Será que é lixo” - Senac - Limeira-SP-Brazil
2008-“Mulheres”- Fórum Mundial da Educação Baixada Fluminense- Rio de Janeiro-RJ-Brazil
2008- “Expo Amores”- Faal-Faculdade de Artes e Administração de Limeira- Limeira-SP- Brazil
2010- "The Minority Coalition’s Tenth Annual International Festival" - Cassopolis-United States

Solo Exhibition

2008- “O Maravilhoso Mundo do Zéh Palito”- Atelier Vó Zuzu- Porto Alegre-RS- Brazil
2009- “Devaneio”- Galeria Moto-Santiago-Chile
2011- "Peace Love and Unicorns"- FB Gallery-New York-United States